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A drone importer and distributor, LUX-DRONES, based in Oberanven, is an aerial work company providing aerial photography, ortophoto and 3D model services in Luxembourg and France for individuals or professionals in sports, construction, architecture, transportation, advertising or audio-visual services.

The manager, Stéphane Anxionnat, being an airline pilot, a satellite communications engineer and a professional drone pilot with a twenty-five-year experience in tele-piloting has designed a fully adjustable training course for anybody wishing to receive private instruction on how to operate their drone safely and efficiently as well as a tailored, context-specific intra-company course.

The intra-company drone training is held on-site at your location as far as  possible.
No session date is fixed in advance, the company and LUX-DRONES agree on the performance organisation.
LUX-DRONES training services can be customized and expanded to  match with objectives and levels.
The training includes programs as simple as leisure drone initiation to full autonomous flight training.
Theoratical skills will be computer-assisted and developed according to the sector covered by the company : safety, aviation regulations, emergency situations, flight techniques, technical knowledge, video, mapping, ortho-photos or 3D models.
Practical flying training is conducted in accordance with regulations in Luxembourg, since LUX-DRONES is particularly vigilant and uncompromising with matters of regulations and safety.

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