• NIMBUS’ full body carbon fiber monocoque body
  • Suitable for 5″ propellers
  • Flexible carbon fiber (new material!) bottom lid with fasteners
  • Adjustable angle FPV camera mount, 30-45-55 degrees. Aluminum CNC
  • VTx extension cable with 90 deg RP-SMA connector for external antenna
  • Set of plastic standoffs for flight controller and ESC board
  • Set of M3 Hex titanium and aluminum screws
  • Internal battery holder, aluminum СNС+polycarbonate
  • Battery velcro strap, 25 mm width
  • GoPro Session mount (aluminum CNC)

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‘Frame Only’ kit is foreseen for drone racing pilots who consider exploring new features of a monocoque design of racing drone and is capable or interested building a drone themselves.

You can make your Nimbus built with your preferences of motors, flight controllers, ESCs, FPV camera, video transmitter and radio receiver.

Recommended parts list:

Motors: 2206 class motors, 2300…2600 kV recommended.

Propellers: 5″ size. Model and type should depend on your motors and battery setup, as well as your needs, skills and flight style. It can be anything from bi-blade 5045, tri-5040 up to ‘aggressive’ RaceCraft 5051 tri-blades.

Flight controller: Omnibus F4 V3 with SD, BEC, OSD and Current Sensor.
Comment: Alternatives: Any F4 of F3 flight controllers

ESCs: Recommendation is 4-in-1 ESC, 30 A, Blhei_S
Comment: You can choose any ôclassicalö set-up with PDB and 4 x ESCs, or 4in1 ESC which you like.

Video transmitter: Immersion Tramp HV or TBS Unify Pro Race,
Comment: or similar, preferably with the capability of a remote switch of bands and channels.

FPV Camera: Foxeer Arrow V2 (HS1190) or V3 (HS1195) with 2.5 mm lens.
Comment: Nimbus frame-only pack comes with fixing details for HS1190/HS1195.
HS1190/1195 is more durable with two fixing axes, instead of one in HS1117.
Foxeer Arrow V3 (HS1195) has aluminum case instead of plastic in V2.
For the HS1117 and other models of FPV cameras, we will provide STL files for 3D print of camera mount.

Radio Receiver: Any compatible with your radio. Size shall be not more or in the range of dimensions of “classic” receiver X4RSB from FrSky.

VTx Antennas: Anything you like but we recommend to choose most durable circular polarization antennas.

Batteries: 4S LiPo, 1300 mAh, practically all models, for higher capacities –  the length of battery shall not exceed 76 mm. Graphene technology, with “C” rating not less than 60-75 is recommended.

Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 190 × 190 × 110 cm


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